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All rights reserved. This certificate has no monetary value. I love you. Cut out on broken line. Family Fun Shop. Does Not Expire. Free Printable Gift Certificate ...
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Music Mitchell here from lucid press let's make a gift certificate a few things you're going to need a lucid press account don't worry it is free a little of creativity and less than five minutes and lucid press you'll want to hit more templates and then gift certificates and there's a nice selection for you to choose from templates range from a little more chic and simple like this one here to more cutesy and playful so whatever floats your boat for the sake of showing you how to really make one of these own I'm going to select this one it's got a lot of creative elements that we can play with and here's our Emerald hotel and spa gift certificate front and back and this will look completely different by the time I'm done with it as there's a lot of editable elements I'm going to mess with, but this template is a great starting point, and it's going to make this process a lot easier first thing I want to show you is that you are welcome to customize the size of your certificate maybe you don't want it to be so big you can customize the size right here undersize and orientation I'm going to leave this as a hefty four by six though okay let's start by changing that image this image is actually part of the background, so we're going to click on the background and choose image I'm going to hit upload and images yeah, and I've got my handy dandy gift certificate folder that I'm going to select my beautiful background from and insert it in now the copy set of things over here could probably stand to be shifted over a bit, so I'm going to select it all and nudge it over to the right beautiful now you can go to view and show margins to make sure your text isn't being naughty and going outside the printable area and as you can see the text here is outside the margins, so I'm going to decrease the line spacing a little and fix that all right one thing to notice about the circle is that it's actually two circles layered on top of each other, so you can get creative with what you do with your design I could delete that inner circle if I wanted, but I actually like it, so I'm going to leave it there and just change the color of the circle behind it to this nice gold color that matches some presents in our image on the right and the next let's update the rest of our color scheme starting with this text here I can select it go over to my color block and either select one of the provided colors below or if you have a specific color you'd like maybe a brand color you can hit RGB and paste that hex code in now it's a nice deep brown that I'm going to apply to these other words as well the gift amount I want to make pop a little with some red and same with these two text boxes here easily done next let's update our logo it's really easy to do that I'm just going to delete the placeholder one right here and drag in my logo from the folder where I've saved it, and you can easily adjust the size and move it into place and a nice trick I'm a big fan of is if I select...
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